About Us

The goal of MB Smagi veikla is to offer, give fun to everyone, whatever the solutions we offer can make you happy. We are looking for what we like, what you may like.

We offer people what we try ourselves. We offer people what we truly believe in. We are ready to provide not only our services, but also Schyspen for all our clients.

We are official Lopifit Bicycle dealers in the Baltic States. We create recreational travel routes both in Lithuania and Europe, which we travel with our friends and families. We offer an alternative way of traveling – cognitive, entertaining, recreational. We pay great attention to nature and time in it. We avoid large hotels and closures. We lead people to fresh air, healthy lifestyle, healthy entertainment.

We offer equipment for events that will decorate your celebration. Together with our partners, we can organize your celebration from to. After all, celebrating is so much fun!

Company Founder Tom: I have been traveling, entertaining, celebrating for many years. I didn’t want to follow the usual rules, I wanted to create unique trips, itineraries. I didn’t like packed trips, I always wanted something more special. Something individual. And in my life, I was constantly creating and trying new ideas. This led me to MB Smagi Activity – a project where I could freely convey my work and offer people what I like and what I’m really happy to share.

Contact us and talk about our services or your needs: +37067113115, smagiveikla@gmail.com